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$170.00 has just been donated to Uncle Bob’s child development centre. This is such a great cause, and as previously mentioned is close to the Rubbish Taxi’s heart. So please, if you do read this, then check out the website at

If you have no time to check out the website, then here is some information on the charity.

About Uncle Bobs

What is Uncle Bobs?

Uncle Bobs Child Development Centre is an Early Intervention program for families of children with developmental disabilities aged 0-6 years who live in the inner  Western Metropolitan Region of Melbourne.

The program is a component of the Developmental Medicine Department of the Royal Children’s Hospital. It is funded by the Education and Early Childhood Department (DEECD).  The centre is also proudly supported by the Uncle Bobs Club and the Waverley Auxiliary enabling us to provide other programs such as the Canadian Parent-Child Mother Goose Program.

We have a new page about understanding a family’s perspective.

The Uncle Bobs Child Development Centre provides a play based experience for children where they will develop skills towardsKid playing

  • making friends
  • increasing independence
  • enhancing self esteem
  • achieving developmental milestones

The children will be:

  • stimulated
  • respected
  • accepted
  • challenged
  • nurtured

The experiences for families is that they will feel

  • supported
  • confident
  • resourced
  • strengthened
  • encouraged
  • accepted
  • understood
  • resilient
  • knowledgeable
  • skilled
  • respected

The experience for communities is that there will be

  • sharing of knowledge
  • support to include all children
  • resources

Keep up the Good Work, and we look forward to supporting you in the near future…

Yours once again,

Paul Younan

DIrector of rubbish and all things that smell like rubbish.

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