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The Rubbish Taxi is proud to annouce that it has donated $165.00 to Amnesty International for the month of December. Again as promised this is 5% of the total net profits taken for the month of december. We are very please that we are able to contribute to Amnesty International and their quest for the continued protection of peoples Human Rights… Here is the letter that we attached to the transfer…


To Whom it may concern,

My name is Paul Younan and I own the rubbish removal company “The Rubbish Taxi” located in Sydney Australia. Each month, we have decided to choose a charity and donate 5% of all profits taken for that month to the charity of choice. December was our second month of operation.

In December, the charity of choice was Amnesty International. Why? Well, it is simple, yet complicated. Firstly I am a very keen supporter of the NGO. This support stems from the fact that I have a legal background and I  understand the work and effort your company puts in to support those who really need your help. Further, I have a link to them through an ex girlfriend, and to add to this a few employees of the Rubbish Taxi live in the same house as an Amnesty Employee, and they are very passionate about what you do.

Hence, after a month of toiling away doing what we do, which is collecting rubbish, we have managed to accumulate a total of $165.00 to donate to your cause. This money has since been transferred to your funds via your online donation page, under the name of Paul Younan.

If it is possible, and we totally understand if it is not something you do, we would greatly appreciate if you could write a short testimonial which we would be able to display on our website and other such media to highlight what are striving to achieve through our efforts. I don’t expect any favours from your company until you have received the payment, which you should have hopefully received. However, if you could write a small passage, it would be greatly appreciated by the team at The Rubbish Taxi.

Again, we support your cause 100%, and are very happy that we have made a contribution to your company.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kindest Regards,

Paul Younan


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