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Do You Have Cash Sitting In Your Attic?

Top tips to get money for your old junk!

Over the years we collect all kinds of items and junk which end up in our spare rooms, attics, shed and garages. But, did you know that you can get cold hard cash for junk that you may not have used, or even thought about for years?

As the old saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and there is always someone out there looking for all kinds of weird and wonderful stuff. So, where do you start?

Head up to your attic and see what’s up there. Old records, vintage clothing, first generation gadgets which are now classed as retro, and old paintings could all be worth some cash. Let’s get one thing clear though, you aren’t likely to find a Van Gogh up there, but your old Super Nintendo, in good condition can be sold on eBay for $80-$100!

Vintage clothing, if clean and in excellent condition, can be sold on Etsy or eBay for a tidy sum, along with any dress jewellery. Be certain that old jewels found in boxes are actually dress jewels. You’ll be kicking yourself if you find out your great aunts fake sparkles turn out to be real diamonds!

There is always a market for collectables too, from Beanie Babies to ceramic frogs, even Maccas Happy Meal toys have a fan base, so before you chuck your crazy collection away, check online and see what your childhood collection could be worth.

collectible frogs

The trick is to do your research. An antique silver spoon with the right stamps and markings can make you some money, but you can also sell broken gold and silver items to a reputable broker for cash. They weigh and assess the quality of the gold or silver and offer you the going rate. If you have a lot of silverware and old crockery, it’s worth purchasing a book of markings and stamps, so you can determine what is valuable and what isn’t.

retro Nike high tops
Even your beloved old Nike high tops could be worth some cash!

Once you know what you have to sell, there are various ways to get the best price for your junk. Check out eBay to compare prices, and if you see there are a demand and bids for similar items, list it there and be sure to add some good photos to give you a chance at getting the best price. Don’t assume your item is worth a certain value just because you see it on eBay for that amount. The actual price will be for listings that are completed, or already have bids. You’ll often see lots of listings at a higher price, but there is no activity, which means no sale.

Larger items such as furniture, cars, gardening and fishing equipment can be sold for free on Gumtree, whilst quirky, vintage clothing will get you a better price on Etsy. Do some Googling for the more unique items you have, and maybe contact some Facebook groups to find a specific buyer that will pay top whack for what you are selling.

Dig out all your junk and you’ll be sure to find some cash sitting in your attic! The Rubbish Taxi, can pick up all the worthless junk which is left behind, giving you space to start all over again!

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