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What Is Upcycling?

Isn’t upcycling just the same as recycling? Well, not really.  You may have heard a buzz around the word upcycling and in broad terms, it means to re-use materials to create something new, of higher value, with minimal impact on the environment.

Instead of re-using or repurposing something, upcycling aims to make the re-used parts and materials into something far better than the original item. Take a look around at the junk in your bedrooms and sheds, before you throw it away, with a little love and creativity, you can create something awesome!

upcycle plant pots

Here are some of our best upcycling ideas:-

Replacing your outside decking.

If you carefully pull up the individual panels you can repurpose them to create some high-quality planter edgings for your garden and make some planter beds. The weather-worn panels will be used in smaller numbers, providing a natural look and feel which will fit seamlessly into your garden and create a wonderful outside space.

Old skateboard decks

Old skateboard decks are tough enough, and often look funky enough with great prints to be upcycled into something fantastic. Skateboard decks are the perfect size to create a picnic table for little ones, and for big kids, they can be used to create a hipster chic coffee table to enjoy your morning hit of caffeine on or to draw crowds at the local coffee shop.

upcycle skateboard

Absolutely anything can become an upcycled bookshelf!

There are so many unique design ideas when it comes to upcycling and creating quirky bookshelves. Anything from a ladder to even a piano can be used to create unique reading nooks and shelves for your favourite reads.

Upcycled jewellery is big business

There are plenty of emerging Australian jewellery designers who are looking to upcycle the most unlikely of materials to create some stunning jewellery pieces. Small upcycling jewellery sites are popping up all over the internet and becoming a great place to hunt out some pretty and unique jewellery made from skateboards, watch mechanisms and even used coffee pods!

upcycled jewellery

The key to successful upcycling is using high-quality materials in the first place and only upcycling if you can truly make something better, with a high finish and even higher value than the original item and of course safe to use. Upcycling is fun, but some items cannot be saved and will need to be disposed of correctly. For these items, call your local rubbish pick up and ensure these materials along with old equipment is disposed of in the greenest way possible.

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