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Rubbish Taxi Sydney

Rubbish Removal Sydney

If you are looking for ‘Rubbish Removal Sydney’ call the Rubbish Taxi team! We aim to change the world one load at a time by collecting, recycling and disposing of rubbish the right way. 

The Rubbish Taxi is based in Marrickville and services the whole of Sydney collecting and disposing of all kinds of rubbish pickups. Whether it’s the dealing with the sensitive issue of deceased estates, helping out Australian businesses with commercial rubbish collections, or dealing with extra household waste, the Rubbish Taxi team are an extra pair of hands you can rely on.

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Cheapest Rubbish Removal Service

We service a vast area of Sydney providing one of the cheapest, fastest and friendliest rubbish pickup services around. The difference with The Rubbish Taxi is that we care about what happens to the waste we pick up and try and divert as much as we can from landfill. 

Your trash could be a treasure for another. Anything which can be reused, recycled or restored will be put up for sale at our site or eBay store with all sale proceeds going to our What Rubbish? Charity fund

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The Rubbish Taxi delivers smiles

Every time we pick up rubbish, we deliver smiles! The Rubbish Taxi has partnered with local charity Giant Steps. Every item that is recycled, upcycled and given a new lease of life is sold with proceeds going to the What Rubbish? Charity fund. Funds are then donated to Giant Steps to help children with autism and offer much-needed support to their families. 

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Our Mission

The Rubbish Taxi Mission is a simple, yet effective one. We operate in an honest, friendly and reliable way and strive to reduce what heads to the landfill. We aim to be the first choice for Sydney rubbish collection servicing those who are committed to reducing waste and increasing recycling processes.

Our aim is to change the world one load at a time through ethical waste disposal practices and our charitable What Rubbish? Fund. 

Call our friendly, professional, rubbish collection team today and experience a new way to get rid of your trash!

We’ve got you covered

Our friendly Sydney-based rubbish removal team specialise in a wide range of services and have a wealth of experience:-

  • Deceased estates
  • Commercial strip outs
  • Household waste pickups
  • Garden rubbish and green waste
  • Handyman help – renovation waste
  • E-Waste
  • White goods collection
  • Demolition site debris and waste

Whatever you want to be taken away, The Rubbish Taxi can collect. Get a fast upfront quote today!

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Rubbish removal Sydney Rubbish Removal Sydney team Rubbish Removal NSW Rubbish removal Sydney team Rubbish removal Sydney NSW

The Rubbish Taxi Team

Paul, George and the team at The Rubbish Taxi are focused on minimising the rubbish and waste that goes to landfill and tipping stations. So much of what is disposed of can be recycled and reused, and a large number of items collected by The Rubbish Taxi isn’t rubbish at all and can be re-purposed and re-used.

Since day one Paul has built a company and a team who are recognised for their environmentally conscious approach to waste management. Paul is also passionate about supporting the local community which can only be achieved if a reliable, trustworthy service is delivered each and every time. 

“We share like-minded values, do something you love and you won’t feel like it is work.” – Paul Younan, owner and founder of The Rubbish Taxi

Experience the friendly Rubbish Taxi service yourself and change the way you look at rubbish.

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