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Turning your “trash into cash”, to help children and young adults with autism

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The WhatRubbish? Fund has been established as a means for The Rubbish Taxi to provide support to community and charitable initiatives. By Turning your “trash into cash”, The Rubbish Taxi provides much needed funds to charitable and community organisations.

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How will we do this?

We believe in the saying that someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure. So anything you throw away that we think is restorable, reusable or recyclable, we retain. Through eBay and regular “garage sales”, items are sold to the public with profits going directly to the WhatRubbish? Fund.

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Which Charity?

The Rubbish Taxi has partnered with Giant Steps, a school founded to help children with autism, and their families.

Giant steps follows a trans-disciplinary approach that integrates both teaching and therapy (music, occupational and speech) throughout all programs which are designed to be motivating engaging and individualised. Teachers and therapists work together to create ‘socially and emotionally rich’ learning environments aimed at increasing levels of engagement in learning across all age groups.

Giant Steps does not charge any fees, however it costs around $77k per student per annum. Whilst government funding contributes to this, the school still needs to raise in excess of $3.6m each year to provide the level of support and facilities required. The partnership will see the WhatRubbish? Fund supplement by a donation of $5.00 from every job The Rubbish Taxi completes, resulting in an estimated $5000 donation to Giant Steps.

Our Aim is to turn this into $10k by asking our clients to match our donation per job, with a $5 tax deductible donation of their own.

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How it helps?

Apart from the obvious monetary support of Giant Steps, using The Rubbish Taxi means whatever you dispose of that we can keep out of landfill, we will. By recycling as much as possible, you are contributing directly to slowing down the rate at which we have to dispose of garbage in landfill. Recycling also helps by reducing our need to consume natural resources to make new products, preserving resources for future generations. Last but not least, recycling saves energy and reduces pollution.

For more information on Giant Steps, visit