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Ditching the suit

It all started in 2008, Paul Younan was working as a lawyer when he came across something that inspired him, one of Googles core values: You can be serious without a suit. With this in mind, Paul and his business partner George Taouk saw an opportunity in the rubbish and waste removal industry to provide an honest and friendly service, at an affordable price with a focus on recycling the rubbish they collected. So, with this vision in mind they created The Rubbish Taxi.

Our mission is to make friendly, honest and reliable our way of doing business. To deliver the best experience for our customers. To remain a beacon of innovation and success when it comes to recycling. To make a difference. Changing the world one load at a time.
Rubbish Taxi story

We began with one truck and a two-man team.

Fast forward to present day, and we`ve grown to ten trucks with a team of twenty. Along the way we`ve discovered even more ways to recycle and help our community.

About Rubbish Taxi fund About Rubbish Taxi Sydney fund

WhatRubbish? Fund

We established the `WhatRubbish? Fund’ - turning your trash into cash. An initiative to help fund Giant Steps, a school founded for children with autism, and their families.

The future isn`t rubbish…

As we continue to grow, we stay focused on new ways to help the environment and our community, with a big emphasis on recycling. We are a standout among the industry for being environmentally friendly and supporters of the local community and want to keep these strong foundations alive.

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