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    How Do I Properly Dispose of e-Waste?

    We all have that drawer at home which has been filled up over the years full of old adaptors, wires, old mobile phones and laptops. We stock and store old computer equipment and screens because we aren't quite sure how to dispose of them.

    According to Clean Up Australia, e-Waste disposal is a fast-growing problem. Technology is no longer an expensive luxury; it's accessible and throwaway with laptops and screens coming to end of life within a year or two.

    Rubbish Taxi can collect e-Waste from your home or office and ensure it's disposed of correctly and not just sent to landfill. We re-use, recycle and breakdown parts as much as we can, saving the environment one load at a time.

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    E-Waste it's Time To Go

    Its time to clean our those drawers, cupboards and storerooms and get rid of all your old screens, keyboards and computer equipment.

    Gather up all your e-Waste and give Rubbish Taxi a call. We'll collect and dispose of your e-Waste through the correct waste channels and divert it from being dumped in the landfill. Every item is checked for the possibility of being reused or recycled. We also accept working older screens and computers in good condition to donate or sell with the proceeds going to our charity partner.

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    Our Mission

    The Rubbish Taxi Mission is a simple, yet effective one. We operate in an honest, friendly and reliable way and strive to reduce what heads to the landfill. We aim to be the first choice for Sydney rubbish collection servicing those who are committed to reducing waste and increasing recycling processes.

    Our aim is to change the world one load at a time through ethical waste disposal practices and our charitable What Rubbish? Fund. 

    Call our friendly, professional, rubbish collection team today and experience a new way to get rid of your trash!

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    Best Ways To Dispose Of e-Waste

    There are two main ways to dispose of e-Waste responsibly.

    The first is to take your e-Waste to your local council recycling centre. The recycling centre will breakdown your items and recycle as much as they can, saving equipment from being dumped needlessly in the landfill.

    The second is to call Rubbish Taxi who will come and collect your old computers, TV screens and other e-Waste. We specialise in disposing of e-Waste responsibly, minimising the negative impact on the environment. Be sure to ask your rubbish removal contractor about their processes for e-Waste disposal.

    upfront pricing

    Upfront pricing

    Our pricing system is designed to be simple and affordable. We offer a free quote with no hidden extras. Once you book, we manage everything from start to finish. Voila!

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    We recycle

    Recycling is important to us because we’re committed to making a healthier environment. Together we can make that possible. We recycle up to 80% of each load we collect, building a better and brighter future.

    How we recycle
    we make smiles

    We make smiles

    It’s worth mentioning we’re partnered with a charity, Giant Steps. We donate some much-needed funds to help children with autism and their families.

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    Client happiness is our biggest passion

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