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The month of January is Uncle Bob’s Child Development Centre. Uncle Bobs Child Development Centre is an Early Intervention program for families of children with developmental disabilities aged 0-6 years who live in the inner  Western Metropolitan Region of Melbourne. Why? Well, a very close friend of the Rubbish Taxi, Wes, has set up this charity to help children who just like his precious daughter Ivy benefit from the school in terms of both physical and social interaction.

As such, 5% of all net profits taken by the Rubbish Taxi in the month of January will be donated to this wonderful charity, and we encourage anyone who comes across this charity to donate generously as it is truly a great way to give.

Further, even though we have not donated any money to the charity as of yet, we have already recieved a wonderful gesture from Wes in the form of a testimonial, which reads:

Uncle Bob’s really appreciate the financial help they receive and it’s great to see how much our daughter has benefitted from the school in terms of both physical skills and social interaction.  These funds are used to purchase to special developmental toys and tools for the children to help stimulate and challenge them.  Uncle Bob’s is also a great support for families in helping them to better understand how they can make their special person be the best they can be.

This is a great initiative by the Rubbish Taxi and your support truly is gratefully received. Wes – Parent

To learn more about Uncle Bob’s Development Centre click on the link –

Much love,

Director of Rubbish: Paul Younan

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