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How Do I Remove Green Waste From My Home?

Australians love the outdoor life and when summer comes our outdoor areas are filled every evening with dinners on the deck, parties around the pool and weekend BBQ’s. Our winters on the other hand can entail heavy winds, storms, floods and rain for days. Our gardens end up scraggy, out of control, littered with broken faded furniture and running wild.

How to remove Green Waste in Sydey.

Getting out in the backyard can be an overwhelming task and green waste in large quantities should ideally be disposed of separately and not put in general rubbish bins. Broken wood, mountains of leaves and long grass can begin to dry up once winter is over and become a huge fire hazard come summer. It pays to have your garden fire safe before the hot Sydney days begin. Clean your gutters, collect fallen branches, keep lawns short and leaves collected up and disposed of. A good garden clearance will not only reduce fire danger, but your garden will also be revamped and ready for guests and summer fun!

Local Sydney councils can provide you with an organic waste bin, but you will need to go through your strata or real estate agent if you are renting. There are also restrictions with organic and green waste bins. Fortnightly collection is usual and only specific items such as twigs, small branches, leaves, grass, plants and weeds are allowed in these designated bins. You can request a separate pick up but the maximum size of waste is only 1 cubic metre. This is fine for normal garden tidying, but if you are clearing your garden, renovating, redesigning, or have broken fencing, furniture and building materials it can be problematic to get picked up.

Green Waste Removal Sydney

Being fire safe is a priority for most Sydney residents and green waste removal and disposal is top of mind for most people too. We are becoming more and more conscious not only of the waste we generate, but where it goes and how it can be recycled. This has created some new business initiatives in Sydney and rubbish removal companies have become more conscious too, and have found ways to ease the pain of rubbish collection for you, ensuring all waste goes where it is meant to go.

The thought of getting out into your backyard to tidy it up can be overwhelming and a little nerve wracking when the giant spiders, garden snakes and lizards pop out and surprise you. Companies like Rubbish Taxi can come to your home, clear your backyard and get rid of any old and broken furniture for one flat fee. The teams are trained to act professionally and quickly, ensuring that fire hazardous green waste leaves your home and is taken to the correct facilities for composting and recycling.

You can now take back control of your outdoor areas, act on that renovation, pool installation, BBQ patio, or outdoor decking and have it summer ready in no time!

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