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How to dispose of E-Waste In Sydney

Firstly, what is E-Waste exactly?

The ‘E’ stands for electrical, so anything with a plug, Usb socket, or power cord counts as e-waste. Most popular items are TV’s, music systems, games consoles and heaters. Electrical appliances are made from metals and plastics which don’t break down in landfill and add to an alarming waste problem. Dumping them means they just rust up and sit there in a landfill site.

Look around you right now and how many electrical appliances and gadgets can you see? You are reading this article on a screen, maybe there is an old printer you no longer use on your desk, a heater stuffed in a cupboard; and everyone has a drawer full of power cords and cables from gadgets past that no longer fit anything and turn into a tangled mess, but what do you do with them?

Local Sydney councils have recognised this fast growing problem. There are now E-waste recycling centres where you can take all your broken, old and obsolete electrical appliances to drop off. There are restrictions though. Often local councils only open these centres on certain days for drop off, you can however, drive, walk, or ride to the centres where your items will be broken down and disposed of safely.

However, if you have a large 70” TV screen that needs disposing of, or a chest freezer that has seen better days, it can be difficult to get to the recycling centre and white goods are often not accepted as electrical waste. Before you illegally dump your cords and broken toasters on the street and add to the landfill epidemic, look up a rubbish removal company that will dispose of your e-waste and white goods safely!

TV's E-Waste in Sydney

We are more environmentally conscious than ever before and it’s now second nature for Sydney residents to recycle our general waste. Other ethical types of rubbish removal are appearing as there becomes a growing need for greener rubbish disposal and removal. Gone are the days of just having a garbage man! There are now services and small businesses out there who can come to your home and collect all your broken electrical goods for a flat fee. They then take the items to the recycling depot or fix up items and donate them to charitable organisations.

Look out for companies such as Rubbish Taxi who not only take all your rubbish away quickly and cleanly, but recycle, repair and re-issue products where they can help others and sell on these second hand small appliances with profits going to worthy local charities. Your trash becomes treasure for charities who need funds and profits from your old items stay within your community.

So, before you chuck your old sandwich maker in general waste, or stuff a bunch of old wires in the garbage, think about where it will end up, how it will damage the environment, and how even the most unlikely electrical appliances can end up benefiting someone in your own community.

Call Rubbish Taxi today and rid your home of old and obsolete electricals!

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