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5 Must-See Movies About Rubbish

There are all kinds of movies, and they are about just about anything you can think of. If you can think of a topic, there’s probably a movie for it. Tomatoes from space. Killer monsters under your bed. Boogeymen. Babies that talk. Dogs that talk. Dogs and cats that talk and try to undermine one another. There are even movies about food, traveling pants, and McDonald’s – so why wouldn’t there be movies about rubbish? Of course there are. Here are some of the ones we recommend you watch!

5. Addicted to Plastic

This is a Canadian film all about, you guessed it, plastic. Quite frankly, we use a lot of plastic in our everyday lives unless we specifically look to avoid using it, and most of us don’t…have you ever wondered where it all goes after it’s gone? This movie talks all about it and our problem with the overuse of plastic.

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4. Waste Land
Produced in 2010, Waste Land is all about an artist. Yep, an artist. He travels to the world’s largest landfill and, of course, wants to do something about all of the waste. So he starts creating sustainable, recycled works of art out of the trash. Working with a team of people that are committed to sustainability, the artist strives to make money for the community and uses every dollar he makes to improve his environment and education. Whew! Heavy movie. This movie was particularly popular and a great example of what people can do when they put their minds to it.


3. Inside the Garbage of the World Documentary
This is another one about plastic, but it focuses on what plastic is doing to our oceans. It’s designed for people like you and me who really have no idea what’s going on and need someone to break it down for us. It also some offers some pointers on how we can all do our part to help the environment we live in. It’s a hopeful movie that everyone can learn from.

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2. Plastic Paradise: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Did you know there was a giant garbage patch in the middle of the pacific? Well, I didn’t either, but there most certainly is. Every single piece of plastic that’s been created in the last two hundred years is still on the planet – don’t you wonder sometimes where they might have all gone, other than landfills? It goes to Midway Atoll, thousands of miles from civilization…in the middle of the Pacific ocean. Sounds kind of surreal, doesn’t it? It’s totally true and you can learn all about it in this popular, highly-acclaimed film all about garbage.


1. Garbage Warrior -Rubbish Taxi’s Favourite !
Michael Reynolds is the garbage warrior! HIs eclectic, fascinating take on garbage makes a serious impact in this film. He believes on “living off the grid,” which essentially means consuming the least amount he can in terms of garbage generation, electricity, and anything else that consumers are generally associated with. Best of all, this movie is fantastically funny and educational. Michael’s sense of humor really rings true in this film as we explore a sustainable, renewable world with him. Have you seen any of these films? If you haven’t, now’s a great time to think about watching a few nonrubbish movies about rubbish!

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