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Q&A with pinklily

Who is pinklily ?

Sascha Griffin is owner & creator of pinklily, a glamorous online business designed for the modern woman. Sascha is a creative entrepreneur who loves helping women organise their wardrobes & her first product was the pinklily Shoe Box, designed from inside her small apartment. Fast forward 10 successful years, Sascha now has a complete range of storage solutions for the home which she manages from the pinklily headquarters in Marrickville.

How did you come across Rubbish Taxi ?

We love to support local business , and we saw the yellow trucks around Marrickville so took a photo and ever since they have been nothing but awesome o deal with .

What is unique about Rubbish Taxi Service ?

Not only does Rubbish Taxi Service remove rubbish (quickly and easily) but their sustainable practices are outstanding, recycling our unwanted items and raising money for worthy charities. and their friendly service , the guys are always happy and kind and helpful-nothing is too much trouble.

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How has Rubbish Taxi helped pinklily?

We use heaps of cardboard in our business , so clearing it regularly is important so we can get it recycled.

Best thing about Marrickville ?

The list is endless but mainly the food…. And the cafes… did I mention the food? Since the PL headquarters have been in Marrickville I have noticed how much the culinary offerings in the area has grown not only in size but quality! My latest favourite? Rueben Republic’s Sandwiches oh my god, so lucky to have this so close to us .

Best Coffee in Marrickville ?

I love love love the coffee from Bourke St Bakery for a quick fix.

How does pinklily incorporate recycling in their operations ?

At Pinklily we collect all our waste and recycle our office papers to our packing material which is then collected as when needed.

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