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Preparing Your Home And Garden For Winter

Australian winters can be a real mix of storms, heavy rain and strong winds, not to mention the drop in temperature! Preparing your home for winter protects your premises from damage, and your family from possible injury.  No one wants to spend hours on the phone filing insurance claims or organising repairs and replacements with builders and plumbers.  With just a few checks and hours spent doing some prep work along with some garden waste removal, you can have peace of mind that winter will be damage, inconvenience and injury free!

Preparing Your Home

Check The Gutters
Make sure your gutters are cleaned regularly of leaves, branches, and other garden debris.  Clean gutters will prevent leaks, blockages, and drainage issues.  If you don’t relish the thought of getting up on a ladder, there are local rubbish removal services which can clean your gutters for you and take away the garden waste.

Roof and Tiles
While you are up high and checking the gutters, it’s also worth taking the time to inspect your roofing and tiles. Be on the look out for any loose or damaged tiles which will need to be replaced before the bad weather sets in. If you are going up the ladder observe proper safety protocol and have a buddy to hold the ladder for you while you climb.

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Fireplace and Chimneys
If you have a gas fireplace, you should get a yearly safety check from a certified plumber. Chimneys and open fireplaces should also be cleaned and checked by a professional to ensure your home is not at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or fire.

Sealing Your Windows
Check all your windows and doors for insulation and make sure they are well sealed. Closing up door and window gaps will minimise chilly drafts blasting through your home and leaks creeping in which can cause wall damage and mould.

Preparing Your Garden

Trees And Bushes
Lop any dead branches and prune back your bushes to protect your home from falling tree limbs which may break loose in a storm.  Do a thorough clean up and take the opportunity to dispose of any unused, old, broken toys and garden furniture which will cause damage, not to mention a mess if they are caught up in a storm. Your local rubbish removal service can help you clear away rubbish as well as dispose of it for you.


Sheds and Garages
If your shed has seen better days, then it may be time to pull it down and clear your garden. It’s also wise to pack away all summer toys and furniture leaving just the equipment you may need in a storm at the front of the shed or garage for quick, easy access.

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