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There may be many reasons, or situations, where you need to clear rubbish and clutter from your home.  You may have to empty the spare room for a new flatmate’s arrival, or make way for a new addition to the family and create a nursery. The outside of the home might need some de cluttering too! There maybe a need to clear the garden before installing your new decking, or tidying up the outside area, ready to make a great first impression for an open home inspection. Whatever the reason, it’s a job that doesn’t fill anyone with much joy, but it is a chore that needs to be done.  So, how do you clear all your rubbish without it blowing your rubbish removal budget?

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

It’s true, you may think that what you have is a load of old furniture, out of date appliances and tools, but you will be surprised what there is a market for.  Give old furniture a quick spruce up and clean up your old appliances.  Hold a garage sale in your street, or sell your items on eBay.

Rubbish removal on a tight budget is possible, with a little creative thinking!

Sites like are also great for getting rid of items that are in good order, just old and unwanted.  You can post you item as ‘free if collected’ and that old 1980’s set of drawers will be snapped up in no time.  This saves you the hassle of disposing it yourself, and someone else gets an appliance, or furniture item that they really want.  The money you make can go towards the clean up, or decorating your now empty space. There are actually people in Sydney and surrounding suburbs who look in the small ads for collectibles and items they can sell on!

Charities are also constantly on the look out for quality items.  If you are having a large clear out of books and clothes make sure that they are all wearable, clean and sellable.  It’s not a great look to stuff your old underwear and threadbare PJ’s in a bag outside the charity shop.  Take some time to go in and deliver the items directly to the volunteers, or ask beforehand what they are looking for in terms of stock for.

Local council rubbish removal

Also be on the look out for your next council clean up day where you can put items out for collection.  It’s good karma to be neighbourly and only put items out on the road when the collections happen. This stops a rubbish tip growing outside the apartment block and pests making homes in amongst your roadside refuse and creeping into your home.

Organise rubbish removal of what’s left

Once you have sold, given away, and donated all you can, you will be left with essential ‘rubbish’.  Now you can call your local rubbish removalist to pick up a much smaller load than you started with for a much smaller cost. You can be safe in the knowledge that what is picked up will be disposed of safely, or re-used where possible.

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