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Keeping a house clean involves looking at the calendar a bit differently. Rather than just isolated parts of a year, there are cycles of usage that make things pile up in different parts of the house over time. For that matter, there are times in the year when it would be most advantageous to actually prioritize cleaning, and you may need well organized cleaning checklist to do that. The old expression “spring cleaning” has come about because of just such a mindset – spring is traditionally viewed as the time of year associated with renewal, which makes cleaning at that time the best thing to do. And clean we do, with deep cleaning that we ordinarily don’t have the chance to do in a busy year.

When cleaning the house during spring cleaning, it’s usually a good idea to go room by room. This keeps your focus on the contents of one room at a time, allowing you to keep things to a manageable level.

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What key areas your cleaning checklist should contain?

1. The kitchen

Cleaning checklist - the kitchen
  • Fridge and freezer – you’d be surprised at how much piles up in here over a while. It doesn’t even have to be a year – just a week or a month is more than enough to illustrate how much food can go unnoticed in a fridge. Check labels and find out which items are already past the expiration date, and throw them out. Don’t take any chances. It’s generally a good idea to clear a shelf out entirely and then identify what, if anything, should be going back. Don’t forget to wipe down the shelves and trays as well.
  • Appliances – wipe down all appliances, as they might have residue on them from cooking smoke, spatter and the like. Check for crumbs inside some of the appliances that might have them – otherwise this can attract wildlife.
  • Cabinets – clearing out and reorganizing the interiors is a good idea. Also, wipe down the outside of cabinet doors, especially the ones near and above the stove. While you’re cleaning near the stove, check the backsplash as well and wipe it down.

2. Bedrooms

Spring cleaning checklist - bedroom
  • Start with the most important part of the bedroom – the bed. Strip the bed and launder all the sheets there, and do the same with the pillows. Pillows are dirt and bacteria magnets considering the frequency of their use. Wash them or replace them, if they’re old enough or no longer offer proper neck support.
  • Check under the bed as well – dust gathers here as a matter of course. Check to see what items are under the bed, and clean them off as well.
  • Closets are an integral part of the bedroom, and are likely to also gather a bit of clutter and dust. Clear the closet out first, wipe down the shelves, and stringently separate items that should be thrown out from ones that can go back. Spring cleaning is a good opportunity for clearing closets of old clothing and items. Alternatively, it’s a good time for transitions. Since it’s spring, you can send your thicker, heavier winter attire to be cleaned, and then place them in storage for a while as you rotate out your lighter spring and summer wear.

3. Living Room

Cleaning checklist by Rubbish Taxi - living room.
  • If you have a rug, that should be cleaned on its own. Remove it from the living room proper while cleaning is going on, as it can catch the dust that gets cleared out from the other items. Actually, professionally cleaning your carpets is ideally done every year to every year and a half.
  • Cleaning windows is best done on a somewhat cloudy day. Too sunny and the cleaning solution might dry too quickly, leaving streaks.
  • If you have sliding doors, look at the tracks as well – aside from simply wiping down the doors themselves, running over the tracks with an old toothbrush and then a wet sponge can clear out the gunk that settles there over time.
  • Don’t forget these commonly-overlooked portions: door frames, baseboards and walls (!) get dusty, dingy and dirty over time too. A wet sponge should be all you really need.
  • Aside from cleaning the furniture, clean under the furniture. With a partner, move the sofa and chairs around, and with the carpet similarly out of the way, vacuum the floor underneath.

4. Garage

Cleaning checklist by Rubbish Taxi - garage
  • Similar to the bedroom and living room, clutter is enemy number one here. Clear shelves and wipe them down, and take a long hard look at the items removed from there to decide if they should go back.
  • Check any bins and storage boxes, and clear out the clutter there as well. Wipe down the outside of these bins and boxes, as they’re likely to soak up quite a bit of gunk from the emissions in the garage.
  • Recycle and/or donate whatever hasn’t seen use in about a year. If you don’t have a recycling bin yet, install one.

5. Bathroom

Spring cleaning checklist - bathroom
  • Bathroom counters and medicine boxes can accumulate surprising amounts of clutter. Clear the countertops and wash them first, then rearrange. Toss out whatever medicines and such are past their best-by dates (this goes for cosmetics and shampoos as well, actually).
  • Scrubbing and cleaning the bathroom every week is a must, but for spring cleaning you can take it to another level. Refresh your spare stores, perhaps with enough to last you a while. Some bath mats and shower curtains may have gotten quite worn in the meantime, so they might be due a replacement.

You can prioritize the order of your spring cleaning checklist according to your preference but the point is: KEEP YOUR HOUSE CLEAN. Start cleaning your house because the only way you can have it cleaned is by picking up that broom and sweep the floor. Don’t worry you will finish in no time!

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