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When the clutter gets too much, your wardrobe doors won’t close, and you find yourself navigating your way past items in the spare bedroom, it’s time to hold a garage sale.  Garage sales are organised for all sorts of reasons and have become a frequent weekend sighting in Sydney. Sydneysiders across the state are getting rid of mountains of toys the kids have grown out of, moving house, or sadly sometimes a relationship split or deceased estate.  Whatever the reason, there is always a market out there for buyers who want a bargain, and sellers who want to clear what they have, and that’s why a well-handled garage sale can earn you a fair few dollars!

What kind of items can be sold at a garage sale?

In short, all sorts!  As long as items are clean, and aren’t broken, or with vital parts missing, just about anything can be sold.  Garden tools, clothes, toys, jewellery, home furnishings, furniture, cookware, books and even quirky, unique items can be put on sale as long as it’s in working order and reasonable condition.

How do I prepare items for selling?

Gather everything you want to sell and sort into piles according to type.  Give each piece a once over, putting items that are broken, or not working, in a separate pile.

Clothes need to go through the washing machine, or dry cleaners to make sure they aren’t musty and that stains are removed. It’s also a good idea to give them a quick iron too, to aid marketability and presentation.  Remember to check pockets for long lost keys, earrings, or notes!

Jewellery should be untangled and earrings put together in pairs. A good tip is to pierce thin card or paper with the earrings, so they don’t get lost during the sale. The card also becomes a handy pricing board too.

Check over all garden tools and electricals thoroughly.  Look over the wires and any leads, which are split or frayed, mean the item is unsafe and must be disposed of.  If you happen to have the original boxes and warranty cards, you have a much higher chance of selling.  Also, give all tools a bit of a clean to remove dirt and dust.

What do I need to set up my Sydney garage sale?

Some items which will help you set up a great stall outside your garage or home are:-

One or two sturdy trestle tables

Bowls, or jewellery boxes to house smaller items

A clothes rail

A full-length mirror

Ifthere is no shade, a gazebo will keep your customers browsing on a hot day

Blankets to protect items you may place on the floor

If possible, an area to try clothing items on is good, but not essential

How will customers find out about my garage sale?

Pop up some posters a week before the sale at the local community noticeboard and lampposts (remember to remove them once the sale is finished!) be clear about the main items you are looking to sell, the address, and the times you will be there.

Facebook and Gumtree are also great places to share your garage sale, especially if you have white goods, electricals, and larger pieces of furniture you wish to sell.

There! Now you have top tips for holding a successful garage sale!  You are likely to have some items left, along with the broken, or non-working items.  Call your local rubbish removalist, who can come along and pick up all your items and recycle, sell for charity on your behalf.

You will then have a clean, clear space to rearrange, live in, decorate, or move from!


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