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Which Are The Best Garbage Bags To Use When Gardening?

We’ve all looked out at the garden and thought “I need to get out there and clear it.” We’ve also all thought, “I’ll get to it next week.” Before you realise it your backyard resembles the set of Jurassic Park with knee-high grass, winding weeds and broken branches littered about the place. You need to muster the courage to get out there, but which are the best garbage bags to use when gardening?

best garbage bags to use in the garden

Household Garbage Bags Are No Good For the Garden

Household bin bags from your local store are not made to work hard out in the garden. They are designed for average household waste which holds little weight.  You won’t get very far in the garden as these bags will split, tear and catch very easily, so the first step is to choose a garbage bag which is fit for purpose.

which garbage bag to use in the garden

Do You Need A Garbage Bag At All?

Most local councils offer a green waste pick up, usually on a fortnightly rotation. You can load up your garden waste into a wheelbarrow and transfer to the bin, or wheel the bin directly out to your garden. Be careful to not contaminate the green waste bin with other organic matter as these bins are collected and turned into useful mulch which avoids adding to the landfill. Any contaminated bins cannot be mulched. Using the green waste bins is a great way to reduce waste and for those who are looking to have a plastic and packaging free household.

If you don’t have a green waste collection in your area, consider making your own compost heap, it’s pretty easy to get started.

using hessian bags in the garden

Hessian Garden Bags

Hessian bags are a great, long-lasting and re-usable garbage bag to use in the garden for all sorts of reasons. They can store logs, be used to transport garden items and are tough enough to withstand the collection of garden refuse. The downside is they are not water or leak-proof, so you may find the bags leak, making for a messy garden clean up!

garden compactor tips

Heavy Duty Garden Garbage Bags

Heavy-duty plastic garbage bags are designed to be tough and re-used. These bags are extra thick, made from a material that resists tearing and ripping, perfect when you need to clear your garden of fallen branches, broken furniture, and other garden refuse. You can use them to transfer garden rubbish to your green waste bin or arrange for a local rubbish collection. They are also waterproof, so ideal for keeping any branches or logs dry if you intend to use them for fuel, and you won’t get a surprise stab in the leg from a rogue branch that bursts through the side of the bag.

For large garden areas or garden clearance for one or more trees, you may consider a compactor to break down larger branches to fill your garden garbage bag more efficiently and make for easier disposal.

If you are unsure of how to dispose of garden or outdoor items, contact your local rubbish collection service who can give you advice and also collect your rubbish, disposing of it correctly and safely.

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